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Internet Profits – week 6: Confusion

Week 6 and I hit a wall…

Yes, it happens to us all – I’m no exception.  And it just goes to show that even if you are making money, you’re going to go through some tough days (or weeks, or months).

It was all my fault, really.  

Here’s what happened: Internet Profits uses Builderall as its main funnel builder.  This is one of the things I don’t like so much about the course.

I have a kind of thing about Builderall: I don’t find it very intuitive or easy to use.  It’s probably nothing to do with what it’s really like – it’s just that I’m used to Clickfunnels, and kind of prejudiced against any other funnel building tool!

So anyway… instead of listening to my instinct and just carrying on with Clickfunnels (Internet Profits does share some Clickfunnels templates, so I could have done that), I decided to cancel it and try going with Builderall.

I’d already tried Builderall twice in the past – and didn’t like it.  Why I thought it would be different this time, I don’t know!  But there you go, I tried and wasted a ton of time trying to understand it all.

It meant changing stuff with my auto-responder too – and suddenly I went into a total panic, lol!  Because I realised the amount of work involved if I wanted to change all this…

So… after a few DAYS of tearing my hair out…

I reactivated my Clickfunnels account and simply imported one of the share funnels available for me in Internet Profits.

Silly of me really, I should just have done this in the first place!

Just goes to show: follow the course you buy, by all means, but please do take into account what you know already.  I am familiar with Clickfunnels and should just have trusted myself with this.

Sometimes, you must have the wisdom to know when NOT to follow the instructions given in a course.

Lesson learned! 

Once I was back in Clickfunnels, all was fine.  In no time, I had a great funnel set up – you can click here to check it out.  It’s just one of the many available in Internet Profits.  Dean Holland is very generous in sharing all his resources with affiliates.

So… all’s well that ends well!

As usual, I went live and recorded my progress (and frustration!).  Here’s the video for you 

Next will be week 7 progress!



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