Hi, I’m Sophie!

Mum of 4, Youtube creator, entrepreneur and passionate believer in making dreams come true.

Life is short – do what you love and make money from it!

I help overwhelmed, lost and confused affiliate marketers get clarity so that they can get the results they want.



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So let me guess: one day, you wanted to make money online.

You searched on the internet and came across affiliate marketing.

It sounded easy.  

You bought a course and thought all your worries would be over in no time.

But that didn’t happen.

Turns out it wasn’t that easy.

You didn’t make sales and you started to worry.

What if you never made your money back?

What if this was all some kind of big lie?

Then you came across another product, that promised you results really fast.

A “done-for-you” system that couldn’t possibly fail.

You bought that, thinking that this time, your problems really would be over.

But the “done-for-you” wasn’t all that “done-for-you” after all.

You still didn’t make any sales and you started to panic.

The money you’d spent so far got you nowhere.

You got tons of emails from charming marketers.

They all promised you that their system was different, and would get you results.

You got tons of people messaging you on Facebook.

They too, told you that if you bought their product, it would help you.

Maybe you bought more stuff, maybe you didn’t.

But either way, none of this helped you – right?

And now here you are – overwhelmed, lost, confused.  

Feeling like you’ll NEVER get there.

Listen, I get it – truly.

You’re not alone!

About 99% of affiliate marketers fail – and that’s for a good reason!

Affiliate marketing is far too often sold as something quick and easy, something that will make you rich fast.

The truth is, it’s not like that.

Telling you this here, on the front page of my website, is suicidal for me 😂

It will lose me many sales, I know that.

“Sell them what they want, give them what they need” I’ve been told, hundreds of times.

Well, I’ve always been a bit mad…

I think people should go into things with their eyes open.

Going into affiliate marketing with the wrong expectations is what causes most people to fail.

And I want most people to win.

But let’s go back to the overwhelm.

If you’re lost, confused and discouraged, you’re not alone.

And, more importantly, if you’re lost, confused, discouraged and overwhelmed, there’s hope!

Click here to discover what you need to succeed (just in case you’re wondering: the link takes you to another page of my website, you won’t be sold anything).

See you there 😊



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