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Internet Profits – week 9: WHAT??

Well, it’s week 9 already…

…and there’s some exciting news this time, on the sales front.

But before I go into this, let me share my secret winning formula for affiliate marketing success – and how you can apply this to get results too.

It’s so simple, you can start today, seriously!

Here it is:

Record your journey + be transparent + promote good products = sales

#1: I share my journey

I show people what I do. When I try out a new product, I record my results.  It’s a little like a diary, if you like.

#2: I am completely transparent

I record the good, the bad and the ugly!  I don’t hide the things I don’t like that much or the difficulties that come along the way.

#3: I promote good products

I only promote products I am using myself.  I try them, and test them.  If I find them good, if I find they do what they say they do – and I find them useful – then I recommend them.  If at any point a product proves to be disappointing, I am honest about it and let people know.

This combination brings me sales.

I’ve been doing it more or less from the beginning of my online journey.  I stumbled upon it by chance, really.  You can do it too – easily.

When you have a good product, it’s simply amazing.  Because you know that it will help people, and it’s a pleasure to promote it.  

Recording your journey and being transparent means that people start trusting you.  They know you’ll tell them the truth.

It really helps if you have a product with a good value ladder…

Internet Profits is a perfect example of this: people usually come into it through a free book, such as this one…

And once they have got their copy, they start receiving emails from Dean Holland; these emails build a relationship and as time goes by, people are offered relevant products to buy.

If you want to see it all in action, click here, get the free book, and you will understand how it all works.  This is a model you could apply to any product that you create online, if you wanted to.

But anyway… what about these week 9 results now??

Well, here’s a screenshot for you!

Yes, you read it right.  During the week, someone bought a bigger Internet Profits package and I made a big commission… $998.50 to be precise.

I applied my “secret winning formula”… I recorded my journey, was honest and transparent, promoted a good product – and there you go!  Results just happen…

So… so far since joining Internet Profits, I have made $1076.00

Do you want to check out how you could do this too?  Just click here and get Dean Holland’s free training to start with 

As usual, I recorded everything live for YouTube: 

More adventures coming soon!



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