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Haven’t written in ages…

Oh dear… life got in the way of this blog!  Building an online business alongside a busy life isn’t always a walk in the park.  So I got a little overwhelmed with things to do, and somehow didn’t stick to my commitment of weekly blogging here.

Maybe I overthought it too… after all, blogging should be simple, shouldn’t it?  A record of my journey, what I’m doing and how it can help others.  Overthinking and perfectionism are two monsters that are never very far away for me – and at times I have trouble keeping them at bay…

I get so obsessed with producing really good stuff, that I freeze and don’t produce anything at all.

Can you relate, dear reader?

Anyway, back to business!

Today is the last day of November… and tomorrow, we start the last month of the year.

Where are you at with your goals?

I’ve reached some of them – but not all, by far.  Doesn’t matter – the important thing is to have goals and work towards them.  And keep them realistic too!  One of my goals for 2021 was to reach 10k subscribers on YouTube – I’m at 2k now and thinking my 10k goal was unrealistic… but it keeps me going and pushing forward, which is the key thing, isn’t it?

I’ve been recording my journey with Internet Profits over here, haven’t I?

Now I’m thrilled to report that it’s going well!  Internet Profits, and Dean Holland, overdeliver.  It’s top quality training – and I often catch myself wishing I had found them first, at the very start of my journey.  It would have made things a LOT easier for me.  

One thing I love about Internet Profits is that it helps us build a real business.  I spent the past few months working on creating my own course: the YouTube Profits Masterclass.  I’m proud to say that it’s done!  

So if you’re wanting to use YouTube as a way of getting affiliate commissions – or if you want to monetise your channel with affiliate marketing – you are very welcome to join my community!  Just click here and get started 🙂

Internet Profits itself is growing and becoming even better than it was before!  There are new features to the course… and exciting changes ahead for the new year!!! If you’re on the fence about joining, now is a VERY good time to get in – just click here to get more info <=

Ok – that’s it from me for today!  But I’ll definitely try to blog a lot more… imperfectly but regularly!

To your success my friend!  And remember: start today, and you’ll be one step ahead tomorrow!

(Look at this… that’s me, with my Internet Profits 4-figure club award!  Who would have believed that a 50 year old mum like me could ever achieve that?  Well – I got started… and then I did it!  Next milestone is the 5-figure club 🙂 Will you join me on the journey?)

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