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Internet Profits – week 17…

So whatever happened to my journey with Internet Profits?  Last time I wrote, I was in week 9…

Someone asked me recently if I’d quit!  NOOOO!!!!  I don’t quit – ever!  But I feel really bad that I got behind posting about it – both here and on YouTube…

It’s not always easy juggling family responsibilities and building the business – at times I get overwhelmed and can’t keep up with everything.  That’s what happened.  I continued working on all this, of course – I just didn’t keep up with recording the journey.

Anyway, there are videos for weeks 10 to 16 – and I’ll catch up with blog posts about these.  But then I had a gap in videos too.

So – I’m sorry, and now let’s catch up, shall we?

Dean Holland’s Internet Profits is still, in my eyes, the absolute best program I’ve ever joined.  It feels like home – I’m not ever going anywhere else. 

There are some big changes happening, and they are exciting, to say the least!

Dean is committed to seeing us succeed, and he’s constantly thinking of new ways to help.

The first thing that happened was the introduction of the Quick Start Challenge, a new product that gives you everything you need to start an online business in affiliate marketing – with 6 weeks of coaching!  For a price that is just ridiculously low.

Then Dean announced that 2022 would be a year of big changes for Internet Profits, with the introduction of a brand new coaching program, committed to making a huge difference to people’s online business building experience.

I’m particularly excited about this.  Most people fail online because they don’t take enough action, or they don’t take the right action.

I’ve been there too.  I know how it goes.  We buy a course and feel soooo excited; it all sounds great; then we go into the members’ area and start taking action.  But then we hit a roadblock, and there isn’t really anyone to turn to.  Well, usually there’s a Facebook group to turn to and in which to ask questions, but it’s rarely enough to get us unstuck.

And before we know it, we start getting behind, and feel embarrassed, and then we don’t dare ask questions anymore…. There might be some weekly live coaching, but it’s not really a place where we can ask questions.  And even if it is, if it only happens once a week, by the time we get to the group coaching call, we might be so behind already, that it just feels hopeless to even ask questions.

Dean’s approach is already very different now: there are live calls in the partners’ group several times a week. 

But this new direction is even more exciting!  There will be a “feedback and implementation” call every single day, Monday to Friday!  A call where we can ask precise questions and get feedback – get unstuck right away, every day, and be able to continue on the right track, without wasting precious time.

There will be monthly results review and refining sessions – a monthly call where we’ll share our results, analyse them, see what can be improved on and tweaked, so we can improve.

And there’ll be a monthly “commission booster” coaching session.

All absolutely great stuff. It will help me greatly to stay focused and keep on taking the right action.

Dean’s mission is to help everyone get to a full-time income by the end of 2022. 

Do you want to jump in?  Get ready for success in 2022 and beyond?

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Anyway, that’s it in a nutshell.  As far as my results go with Internet Profits, there are no major sales to report.  Keep in mind this is not the only product I promote, of course.  My commissions to date are: $1150.25

I started going live about it again this week 🙂 Here’s my week 17 video:

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