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Internet Profits – week 8: Dean’s approach to traffic

Week 8!

Traffic was on the menu again for me in Internet Profit‘s Quick Start Blueprint.  A lot of valuable learning there, and I’ll share a little with you here right now.

First, let’s talk traffic a little…

Traffic is a major pain point for many of us online marketers. It’s the lifeblood of a business, and yet it feels SO HARD to get when you’re first starting out online.

By “traffic”, we mean “people”, “eyeballs”… you can have the best content in the world, promote the best products ever – but it’s no good if no one sees it all.  Having a business without traffic is like dressing up amazingly sexy and staying home watching Netflix for the night (you’re highly unlikely to bring your dream date home for a wild night of passion if you stay home, even if you look amazing).

The fact is, traffic is hard to get when we start out online, because most of the time, no one knows us.  We need to build content first; in time, that content will get noticed if we do our job properly and we will gradually build influence. 

To give you an example, I can explain the process with YouTube, as that’s the platform I know best from my own experience:

  • at first, no one knows about your YouTube channel
  • you publish videos regularly, do your SEO properly and share your videos with people who need them
  • these people watch them, and as the weeks go by, your videos start being found in search
  • people who don’t know you at all start finding your videos in search and watching them
  • YouTube then gradually starts suggesting your videos, which in turn means that more people who don’t know you see and watch your content
  • as a result, you start being known for a certain type of content, and some people will come back to your channel regularly when they need your content
  • the more people view your content, the more YouTube suggests it and the more traffic you have on your channel

It’s a fairly slow process and it involves building content first, that attracts people to you, because it gives them something they need.  When you’re starting out, you need to go out of your comfort zone and TELL people about your content – otherwise, no one will know it’s out there.  In time, the growth just happens organically.  

Traffic is so important, and at times it’s so hard to get… so anytime I see any information on traffic, I just consume it with passion!  Any tip or trick is always welcome, and I was really interested in Dean Holland’s approach to it all.

What’s Dean Holland’s approach to traffic?  

During my week 8, I learned a lot more about Dean’s approach to traffic.  Here’s what he suggests:

  • pick one main free traffic method
  • pick one quick paid traffic method
  • learn one “premium” paid traffic method, until you master it

Here are a few more details in case you know nothing about traffic.

By free traffic, we mean traffic that we get organically.  It can be from YouTube videos, Facebook posts, blog posts, Instagram, TikTok videos, questions answered on Quora, etc.

There are no shortages of places where we can publish some kind of content and get free traffic.  We “pay” for it with our time.

By quick paid traffic, Dean means solo ads.  Solo ads are where you pay someone to send an email with your affiliate links in it.  Solo ads are fast and easy – but they’re expensive.

By premium paid traffic, Dean means paid traffic that you have to learn to master.  Facebook ads, YouTube ads or Google ads are examples of premium paid traffic.  It’s not just a question of sharing your affiliate link like with solo ads.  You have to learn paid traffic and it takes time as well as money.  But I believe that in the long term, it’s very profitable.

Dean’s approach is that we should do a mix of all three.

  • We should get pick one platform where we build up content and get free traffic.
  • We should pay for some solo ads, to get quick paid traffic and build up our list.
  • We should take time to learn and master one source of premium paid traffic – this will allow us to grow and scale our business in the long term.

In my experience, this approach is quite unique.  I mean, I’m not saying that Dean is the only one to do it – quite the contrary!  I’m sure most experienced online marketers do it this way.  But what’s unique about Dean is that he teaches this from the start.

In other training programs, I’ve found that there was usually more of an “either/or” approach.  So either free traffic was painted as “the best” or paid traffic was “sold” as the golden option.  This is the first time I hear someone say: you need to be doing both, they go hand in hand.

This is new to me, but I’m determined to follow Dean’s advice.  I’ve been an organic girl so far, focusing heavily on YouTube with good results (that’s something I teach, by the way, if you’re interested you need to click here 😉).

I ran solo ads once, without much to show for it, aside from a few leads.  At the time I knew nothing about how to do email follow-up properly, so I got no sales from it.

I did go through a great Facebook ads training at the very beginning of my online “career” in 2018.  I got some sales but then stopped because my budget was too tight at the time.

So really, my knowledge and experience with paid traffic is very limited, but I will learn!

If you’re a complete beginner…

I believe you’ll be at a great advantage starting with this strategy right away.  Learning to do both free and paid traffic from the start should bring faster results, in my opinion, and therefore encourage you not to give up.  So if you want to check Internet Profits out, just click here and get Dean Holland’s free training to start with 😊

Oh, and I forgot! 

I made more sales this week!  So far, since joining Internet Profits, I have made $77.50.

Now here’s my live video progress report 👇

See you soon for more adventures in week 9!



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