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My biggest enemy…

Do you drive yourself crazy at times?

I DO!!!  I could really, really kick myself some days.  In fact I could probably do worse than kick myself, it’s that bad!

This might be something you do too, so let me share my latest silly Sophie stuff…

Here’s what happened:

Just over two months ago, we had an incredible live event at Internet Profits.  Dean shared what he would do if he had to start all over again from scratch, knowing what he knows now.

Amazing event it was!  And I came out of it all on fire, inspired, full of energy and ideas.

This was an Internet Profits partner only event, so I won’t reveal too much; but let’s just say Dean shared a framework with us that included sharing the journey, from day one.  He talked about how this could be done too if, like myself, you were not starting from scratch but already having success.

So all fired up and enthusiastic, I went full steam ahead and created a new blog the very next day, wanting to mark a new beginning.

I wrote all about it over here, in this post: New direction! It’s exciting!

My train of thought for starting a new blog was that this site is on, and that that’s not the best way to do it… I now know that it’s a lot better to have your own hosting on a platform such as Interserver.

So I went ahead, bought a new domain, bought my own hosting, and starting over again.

Now this is all well and good, but a couple of months down the line, I’m realising that this is just the kind of thing I do, without thinking much… and it’s NOT the best decision…

Let me explain: I’ve had THIS blog here,, for a few years now.  It’s not perfect.  It’s not hosted on the “right” platform.  BUT it’s a record of my journey.  AND it’s getting views, followers, and quite a few of my readers even opt in to my email list (thank you for your trust by the way).

So yes, of course, I can start all over on another site, but I reckon it’s a shame!  Why lose some of you faithful followers?  Why lose a big chunk of my records?  It’s silly!

Dean probably doesn’t realise this, but he helped me come to this conclusion.

You see, he’s launched some very exciting new “stuff” in Internet Profits (more about this later, I promise); I’m privileged to be following it all closely, both as a member of the team and a customer.

He’s launched a new tool that’s not open to the public yet; part of this includes the option to build a blog… so I wanted to migrate this site, over there. 

It’s a bit of a long story, but trying to do all this basically made me realise “hold on a second Sophie, you’ve actually got some good stuff on this site!  Why on earth are you starting again on”

So there you go – I’m back here, recording the journey and sharing everything I learn with you all, my faithful readers.

I’ll probably copy and paste the few posts I made on, just because a few important things happened over the past couple of months.  But I’ll stick to this blog from now on.

As the end of this year approaches I am struck by how I am my own worst enemy, over and over again!!!  It drives me seriously insane!

I am ALWAYS trying to do too much, always.  I think I need more, or something else, or something new.  It’s not that I buy much stuff, it’s more that I add more and more and more work onto my plate… and it’s completely unnecessary! 

Do you do this too?  How long does it take you to spot it and stop yourself in your tracks?

I’ve gotten better at spotting it, but I’m still wayyyy not good enough!

Anyway… onwards and upwards!  I’ve rectified this now, phew! 

If you have a tendency to do more and too much all the time, just like I do, I’d love to hear all about it in the comments.  Maybe we can hold eachother accountable in 2024?  Form a kind of “business minimalist” movement? (Now you see, I’m doing it again! I’m already thinking of how I could create a new Facebook called “minimalist affiliates” lol)

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