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New direction! It’s exciting!

Quick update: I have a new blog… an here’s why this might be interesting for you:

So, almost a month ago, we had a live online event at Internet Profits and Dean shared some pure gold with us.

“What would I do to go from 0 to full time income online, if I had to start from scratch all over again?”, was the theme of the day, and it was fascinating.  Full of great insights and ideas.

One of the central pieces Dean shared with us was the importance of recording the journey, wherever we are at on the journey…

And this rekindled my desire to do just that!

Now why not use this blog, you might be thinking?  And believe me I would have happily done so!

But, you see, when I set up this site, I kind of messed up.  I hadn’t realised the importance of having my own hosting and I went with WordPress dot com.  Nothing against it (please forgive me WP!) but I know it’s important to build an asset that I own.

So… I bought my full name domain, from Namecheap, and then I headed to Interserver to buy my hosting (only $32 a year!  Couldn’t believe how much cheaper it was than what I pay for this blog here…) and there you go, I’ve started publishing over there!

This site will remain online – I want to keep what I’ve published so far; I’ll just have to find a way to transfer it so that it’s self-hosted too, but I’ll do this later.

Anyway, if you want to continue following my journey, and getting all my best tips and tricks along the way, then I’d love it if you followed me on!

Just before I go, I can’t resist sharing that October was my biggest month ever in terms of profit!  More than 5k!  Yes, in PROFIT! And to think I was all down in the dumps and discouraged in my last post… glad Dean told me to carry on, he was right as usual!

How’s your business going?  Let me know in the comments!


PS: here’s my latest video on Internet Profits – watch it if you want to know how you can do this too! 

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