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Lows and highs… a spontaneous post :-)

Having a mentor is worth gold.  Truly. Worth a LOT of gold.

This is a completely spontaneous post following a conversation I had this morning.  If you’re discouraged on your make money online journey, this should help.  It helped ME so much, I just can’t not share it.  In fact, when I’ve finished writing this up, I’ll go and shoot a YouTube video about it… and heck I might even turn it into an email and a Facebook post.

Building your online business can be so lonely.  Seriously lonely…

And if you’re doing affiliate marketing, you’re exposed to so many lies that you’re probably second guessing and doubting yourself every five minutes.  It’s seriously crazy out there in the high ticket niche: incessant Facebook posts claiming the author made 30k in ten minutes doing nothing… by the time you’ve read 3 or 4 of these, you start panicking and thinking “what on earth am I doing wrong?”.

Anyway, back to the conversation I had that you need to hear about.

Here’s what led me to it in the first place: I handed over my August stats to my mentor and they were “bad”.

Well – not ALL bad.  The clicks stats were good.  The leads stats too. The cost per lead stats were even better.  The overall growth of my business excellent…. But the profit stats… not so great.  In fact, for the first time in ages, the number in the “profit/loss” column was red.  And we all know what that means.

Yep, it happens to me too… I made sales in August, but not enough to cover my expenses and make profit.

So when I hit send to hand over my results to my mentor, I had an attack of panic, imposter syndrome, doubt, discouragement and second guessing.

Next thing I knew I was messaging him saying “I feel bad, my results aren’t good this month.”

I did feel bad – really low in fact.  It’s not like I’ve slacked, taken a month off and haven’t been working in August.  Nothing in my actions justified these “bad” results.  So not for the first time, I began to think things like “I’m not cut out for this” and “I’m stupid” and “I’ll never make it in a BIG way”, etc.

Not very nice things to go on in my head on a lovely September morning really…

And do you know what?  I felt so low I nearly didn’t reach out to my mentor.  Crazy, isn’t it?  Because the low moments are precisely those when I need a mentor – when everything is plain sailing, he doesn’t hear much from me!

But somehow I felt embarrassed and ashamed at all this… and then I kicked myself in the butt and had the courage to message him.

Well you know, I’m so glad I did.  Because he told me things I didn’t know, that made me feel SO much better.

Apparently there’s a thing online my mentor calls “the summer slump”.  Now I hadn’t had a chance to experience this yet, because the last few years have been atypical: no one travelled much in the summers of 2020, 2021 and 2022.  But this year, 2023, life is almost back to “normal” (whatever that means lol!) and with the return of open borders and travelling made possible again… well, it seems the summer slump is back for us in business.

It was such a relief to hear this, and to know I’m not the only one who saw a decline in sales in August.  

I felt instantly better… less alone, less “stupid”, less discouraged.

This is just one of the ways that having a mentor is worth gold: a mentor has walked the path you’re walking and they know what it’s like.  In fact, the mentor is still on the same path, just further down the road.  So he/she KNOWS how it feels. 

It’s easy to get help with technical stuff – plenty of free information out there will show us how to do things. 

It’s not so easy to get help when we face roadblocks, fears and doubts. 

I’m a pretty tough girl under my innocent smile… tough and extremely tenacious.  I’ve been through hell in my life and that’s taught me that everything passes, so I NEVER give up.

But I know many people don’t have my crazy stubbornness, and stop when things get rough.  The discouragement can be overwhelming and the doubts paralysing. I totally get it!

That’s where the mentor comes in… he’ll keep you going… he’ll restore faith in yourself… he’ll tell you what’s normal and what’s not… he’ll let you in on things no one talks about… and instead of stopping, you’ll get up again and go, with renewed faith and fire inside you!

So that’s it dear reader.  I hope this helps!

If you want access to the same mentor I have, your first step is to click here to get my free training and emails.  You’ll find out, in my emails, how you can partner with me and my mentor… and before you know it, you’ll be on your road to success and freedom. 

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