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Imposter syndrome… do you have it? And what can you do about it…

Imposter syndrome is a real thing… bl**dy h*** it is!

Over the last week I had a MASSIVE reminder of this.

Do you struggle with it?  If you do, you’re not alone, I promise.

Here’s something to know about me: I reckon I was BORN with imposter syndrome.  I try to laugh about it, but it’s a little sad really.  Without going into too much details, I very often felt I was a real nuisance to some members of my family – a pain in the neck, an IMPOSTER who should really be there.

Anyway – that’s all in the past, thankfully.

But that feeling of not being good and clever enough has been with me all my life, and I’ve worked hard at getting “rid of it” for years.

It has got a lot better over the years, but sometimes it hits me again, straight in the face, usually when I’m doing something new and out of my comfort zone.

This is what happened this week: as I wrote last Sunday, I’m in the middle of launching my own offer… and as exciting as it is, it triggered a huge dose of imposter syndrome this week.

Yesterday, it hit me with such force that my brain went in a “funk” and for a few hours I just couldn’t think anymore.

Has this ever happened to you?  It’s crazy, isn’t it?

But I’ve been absolutely determined to get out of my own way this year, so I stared at my imposter syndrome and said: “you can’t control me this time, I’m winning”

And it worked!

I sat at my computer, put motivating music on my earphones, and JUST DID IT.

I actually visualised kicking this imposter monster, getting “it” away from me.  I was having none of it this time: too often it’s stopped me from doing things I’m completely capable of doing.  

Not now.

Not ever again.

So… I’m on a slight high right now, because I got SO MUCH done! 

My offer is ready.

My sales page is ready.

My emails are ready.

Let’s see what happens in the week.

The product is still “secret” – so I won’t say anything about it till next week.

But I can’t wait to see how this goes!

Some things have helped me kick this imposter syndrome – I’ll share them in the hope they’ll help you:

  • Listening to daily “rewiring” music/meditation tracks: click here if you want to check the ones I use
  • Writing positive things about myself and posting them where I can see them daily
  • Having a super strict work routine, so I don’t need to think of what I have to do (this sounds unrelated to imposter syndrome, I know, but being on some kind of autopilot routine helps me massively not stop because I feel I’m not good enough)
  • Asking myself: “What’s the worst that can happen if I get something wrong?” (it’s usually not that bad)
  • “Accepting” the imposter feeling, and then reminding myself it’s just that: a feeling – not reality
  • Listening to positive music that energises me and makes me feel good about myself
  • Getting small, easy to accomplish tasks done first – this gives me a feeling of competency and makes me feel good about myself
  • Talking to myself in a positive way and repeating to myself that I’m allowed to win, that I don’t HAVE to be a victim of my past

I’ll keep this post short – must go and get some fresh air with my little dog!

Have you seen her yet?  I don’t think so!  Meet Nellie:

Speak soon!

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