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Better late than never…

I know, I know, I know… haven’t posted in a long time again…

It’s not that I’ve given up, I promise!  It’s just that life is SO busy… it’s crazy – all good, but crazy!

Anyway, I was supposed to report back about this “thing” I was launching.

It’s all done and dusted now, so there are no secrets anymore and I can tell you everything 🙂

The product I launched at the very end of January was a 6-week coaching program: I took a group of people and helped them set up their very own Facebook Lead Ad.

“Why Facebook Lead Ads?” you might be thinking?

Well… because I’ve been running these profitably for more than 2 years now – and I thought it was time for me to teach others how to set them up and run them too.

February 2nd 2024 marked the two-year anniversary of me launching my first profitable ad – so it was a good way to celebrate this, to get a group of people together and share my knowledge with them.

I named this coaching program The Facebook Ads lab… a small group of us worked together, and one of the members of the group has already launched his ad and is getting targeted leads for less than $1 – which is pretty awesome, right?

Now the irony of this is that on February 4th, just two days after starting the coaching, my own Facebook ad was turned off by Meta.  They informed me that it “went against community standards” and “was not approved”.  This was funny, considering this ad had been running for 2 years straight lol!

But there you go – what had been approved, suddenly wasn’t, and I had to create a new ad.

Anyway, back to the coaching program, here’s what I’ll say: I enjoyed it greatly and got good feedback from “my” students.  I’d love to run it again.

BUT – there is a but.

I think my audience needs coaching on how to start affiliate marketing more than they need Facebook ad coaching.

I realised this a little late.  Guess I made a rookie mistake: I didn’t survey my audience to ask them what they needed before going head first into what I thought they needed (or what I wanted to teach).

Over and over again I hear from people that THEY DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START.

So I’m planning my next coaching to be around this: I want to take a group of people and help them get started with affiliate marketing.

The crazy thing is, it’s not that hard, seriously: pick a niche, pick products you want to promote, pick a platform and start creating content on there, grow your audience and, bingo!

I see creators left, right and centre building audiences in all kinds of niches and using affiliate marketing to monetise their content.

But I guess it’s easy for me to say that it’s easy… a few years ago, I didn’t even know affiliate marketing existed, let alone how to get started.

So that’s my next project on the list: take a group of people and help them get started.

AND… I’m working on creating a membership site too… using one of Dean’s new tools – a piece of software that’s pretty awesome, and not available to the public yet!

I’ll tell you all about this in my next post 😉

In the meantime, if you’re interested in joining that “getting started with affiliate marketing” workshop, let me know in the comments and give me an email address where I can contact you when I open it up!

Speak soon,


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