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Behind the scenes… here’s what I’ve been working on…

Do you love what you do?

If not, I wish with all my heart that you can to change this for yourself one day 🙂

As I sit here at my computer, writing this before dawn, I am SO grateful I found something I love, love, love doing!

Anyway… enough of my ramblings about how much I love what I do!

Right now I’m working on creating something new – yes, I know, I know… I said I wouldn’t add more work for myself… but listen, give me a break – this just HAD to be done!

Let me explain:

I started this business in 2018… ok, granted, I had no clue what I was doing for the first couple of years.

But still, I did start generating affiliate commissions way back in 2018.

Over the years, my experience, knowledge, and income has grown.

And I’ve always stayed an affiliate.

Well, mostly. 

I have created a few products, but never went out of my way to sell them.

Now over the past few months, I’ve realised that many people on my list want to work with me.

No offence to the great courses I’m an affiliate for!

I think it’s just that some people resonate with me and my style, and want me to be the one who teaches them.

Dean‘s often talked about how this happened to him too: when he finally made things work, after years of struggling, people started reaching out to him and asking him for help… and he wanted to send them to his mentor… but people wanted to learn from him!

And that’s how he created his first product!

So I guess the same has been happening to me – and for a long time I put off addressing this…

Not that I don’t want to help people out – quite the contrary!

But there’s a little inner turmoil going on inside me, if I’m honest: first there’s my lack of time… but probably more importantly, let’s face it, there’s my beloved imposter syndrome (“beloved” is sarcasm… I don’t loved it at all really ?).

Anyway, a few things happened recently and they made me realise I just need to go for it.

I got quite a few people reaching out, wanting to buy my product (the one that doesn’t exist yet lol!).

Then Dean told me, in a poignant coaching call, that I needed to move out of my own way…

And he’s right! 

He reminded me that I’ve generated it around $70k in sales over the past 2 years…

And that I am getting daily targeted leads for under $1 a lead…

And that I’ve been making a consistent 4 figures a month in profit for over 2 years…

And that my ads got me a 371% ROI in 2023…

And that my YouTube channel has close to 4k subscribers…

And… ok, I’ll stop here because I’m beginning to blush.

Basically, Dean reminded me not only of how well I’m doing, but also of all the areas that I can help people with.

Suddenly hit me: there’ll never be a right time.  I just have to jump in.


It was time to think about ways that I can teach – ways that are realistic with my family commitments and reality of being a solopreneur for the moment.

And suddenly, I had a brainwave: a membership site.

A site where I put all my courses in, and add regular valuable content for my audience…

A membership where people can pay to have direct access to me for questions…

Something reasonably priced for my customers, that will help them and give me recurring income…

Having thought this out, I surveyed my list and my group.

And the result?  An overwhelming majority of YESes!

Then I asked Dean, of course, what he thought of the idea… and his answer?  Another resounding YES!

So there you go: I’ve been busy creating this membership and I’m determined to launch this in the next few days.

Now that you know what I’ve been working on, let me share a little secret for you:

I’ve been creating this on a brand new platform, that’s not even available to the public yet.

Did I tell you about this before?  No, I don’t think so!

Dean has many gems, and his latest one is “Affiliate System”: a pretty awesome “funnel builder/CRM/website builder/email marketing/and much more platform”.

As far as I can tell, there’s not much Affiliate System won’t do – well, apart from doing my laundry that is!

Now of course, as with all new things, I was reluctant to move to this platform at first…

But being a coach for Internet Profits, I thought “come on Soph, you HAVE to know this platform or you won’t be able to help people out”.

And what better way is there to get to know a new platform than to build your own product on it?

So I got my teeth into it and began to migrate content I have on Clickfunnels, to Affiliate System (my love for Clickfunnels needs to be the topic for another post… it’s hard for me to leave them, but it just makes sense for me now – it’s just tough for this Russell Brunson superfan girl right here…)

Today, on the very last day of March 2024, I am really close to having my first version of this membership site DONE!


So… here’s my promise that my next blog post will give you more details about it – including how to join 🙂

Till then… Happy Easter and have a great Sunday!

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