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Internet Profits – week 5: Traffic

Week 5 in Internet Profits already!

Time flies, it’s crazy!  In week 5, I was still going through the Quick Start Blueprint – there are many videos there, and a lot to implement.  Internet Profits is not a business in a box, quick fix kind of product.  It gives you thorough training.  Even though I wasn’t a newbie when I started, I was determined to go through the training as if I was starting from scratch.  I wanted to feel what it would be like as a complete beginner.  

Anyway – so what happened this week?


No, I’m not talking about anything shady here!  But we do talk a lot about traffic in affiliate marketing.  By “traffic”, we mean “people”.  You need people to see what you are offering, or you’ll never make sales, obviously.

This week I learned more about what Dean Holland calls the four core areas of focus  

Dean teaches to focus on four main things:

  1. Be where your audience is
  2. Capture email addresses
  3. Nurture the relationship
  4. Make offers

This is very much what I knew already, but it was great to have it spelled out so clearly and it makes it easy to come up with a clear plan.

Basically, once you’ve chosen your niche, find out where your potential customers “hang out”.  Then produce content on that platform that will help them out.  Offer them something valuable for free in exchange for their email address.  Build a relationship of trust through email. And finally, make offers that are going to help these customers.  

As simple as this may seem, this is where many affiliate marketers go wrong, mostly because they are not taught this properly.

Many fail because they are focused on only one or two of these.  I see many affiliate marketers skip steps 2 and 3 for example.  So when they make offers, they make no sales… because they haven’t built that relationship of trust yet.  For the whole cycle to “work”, you need all the elements in place.

Dean breaks it all down and makes it easy.  Seriously, if I’d had this training right from the start, I would be in a different place right now, I’m pretty sure.  Not that I’m doing badly – but I would be a 5 figure earner for sure already, if I’d had the right training from the start.

So if you’re a newbie and you want to learn affiliate marketing the right way, do yourself a favour and do it right from day one.  Just click here and listen to Dean’s free training.

But I’m digressing!

There’s not a huge amount to report, apart from this, for this week.

On the sales front, I made another sale and I have now earned the princely sum of $28.50.

If you want to see proof of this, just click on the video below.  As usual, I went live to record my progress

See you soon for week 6 news!



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