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Millionaires Challenge System… what happened next?

In my last post, I told you to watch this space for an update on what happened after I decided not to promote Zach Crawford’s Millionaires Challenge System anymore… 

Quick reminder: I was mentored by Zach for a year, from January 2020.  This was my first time being mentored and it was great!  I made a lot of progress thanks to Zach and became a 4-figure earner.  

It was only natural for me to promote Zach’s course and mentorship, as it was helping me so much on my affiliate marketing journey.  So until recently, I did!  I was an affiliate for his course, just like I’m an affiliate for other courses and tools that have helped me and I feel will be useful to my audience.

But then, as I explained in my last post, I began to feel uncomfortable about promoting MCS and finally, a few weeks ago, I came to the decision that I would stop.  I went public about it on my YouTube channel with this video here, feeling that I needed to tell my audience clearly about it.  

I’d been so positive about Zach Crawford’s program, that it was only fair to tell my audience that I’d somewhat changed my mind.

Anyway… fast forward 2 days after I published that first video… and…

I found out that I was unable to log in to my members’ area of the course!!!

I checked my password, requested a new one, waited 10 minutes, checked the promotions tab and spam folder… 

But NOTHING.  Just to be sure, 2 weeks later, I tried again, did all the same things, but nothing.  Try as I might, I couldn’t log into the course that I bought!

I paid $3k for the course and mentorship – and whilst I totally got my money’s worth, I’m pretty shocked that I’m denied access to the course now, simply because I announced that I wasn’t going to promote it as an affiliate anymore!

At least I’m assuming that’s what it is.  I haven’t been contacted by Zach Crawford or any member of his team.  Zach has blocked me on Facebook, so I have no way of reaching out to him.


To me, this brings to light something really important about affiliate marketing:

Being an affiliate for a product and having access as a user are two entirely separate things.

There are some excellent courses out there that have no affiliate program.  

A product owner has the right to decide whether he/she wants affiliates, how people qualify to be affiliates, what the conditions are to keep affiliate status, etc.

BUT once you’ve bought a product, you should have access to it, always, regardless of your affiliate status.  I mean, unless you’re doing something illegal like copying the course and selling it as your own, or something like that.  

To me, my “ban” makes ZERO sense at all.  

I’d completely understand if Zach had reached out to me and said something like “ok Sophie, I see you’re not promoting my course anymore, just so you know, if you ever change your mind I won’t let you be an affiliate anymore.”  

That would be absolutely fine.  I would totally get that.

But not letting me have access to the learning area?  The course I bought and learned from?

That’s just wrong! That’s unethical! In fact, that’s stealing!

That’s like Amazon telling me “you gave this book a bad review, you need to send it back to us and we won’t give you your money back”!

So… I had to make another video, telling my audience what happened.  

People need to know about this.


Anyway, that’s it from me for today… next I’ll write about some interesting reactions I had to that video… very interesting indeed, to say the least!  Watch this space.

And here’s the full video story ?

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