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Internet Profits – week 3: first sale🎉

Well, well, well…

Week 3 of being in Dean Holland’s Internet Profits course, and I had something to celebrate already!

If you have an online business, then you know how thrilling it is to get sales.  I never really get tired of it, even though I’m adamant you should not FOCUS on that.  Focus on giving value, on teaching something, on solving someone’s problem – the sales will naturally follow.

But anyway, it’s undeniable that making sales gives us a boost, so it was great to make one so soon after joining Internet Profits.  If you want to find out how much I made from that first sale, scroll down and watch the week 3 video – I share my screen so you can see for yourself.  

“What did you sell, Sophie?”


Great question!

I sold a book – a free book. 

“How does that happen?” you might be wondering… well let me explain.

Dean Holland created this new kind of funnel, that Russell Brunson named “The Ultimate Funnel”.  The idea is to give a book away for free – people just cover the shipping.  The book is valuable, it helps people out with a specific problem.  It’s valuable, but the level of commitment is low: the customer just needs to pay for the shipping, the price of a coffee and a donut, no big risk there.  When customers order the book, they are given the opportunity to buy extra products if they want to.  If not, that’s fine.  The book is sent to them, and then they are sent regular follow-up emails.

So the first sale I made was one of these free books.  I made a commission, even though it was free – I guess it’s a way Internet Profits has of thanking us, affiliates, for sending them a new customer.  Click here if you want to check out the book for yourself – and if you order it, you’ll see how the funnel works. 

What else happened this week?


In my last post, I explained how you first need to go through 8 modules to become a certified partner.  Once you’ve done that, the next step is to go through a series of videos called the quick start blueprint.  It teaches you how to set everything up for a profitable business.

Now the steps in the quick start blueprint are all based on promoting Internet Profits itself (one of the only downsides of this course, which I’ll talk about in one of my future posts).  But the steps could easily be followed and used to set up any internet business.

I’m not a beginner, so quite a few of the steps were familiar to me.  However, I still learned quite a bit.  I decided to go all in, follow exactly what I was told to do, and that’s how this new blog was born 😊

I was impressed by how easy these steps would be to follow for a complete beginner.  The videos are short and to the point.  They give clear instructions and action to take.  You basically just watch the video and implement the steps, before moving on to the next video.

Once again, I found it very simple – in a nice way.  There wasn’t the chance to get lost or overwhelmed.  Just watch the videos, take action, keep moving forward.

As usual…

I went live, to record my week 3 progress.  You can watch it here 👇

See you soon for week 4 updates!



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