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Internet Profits – week 1: jumping in

It was time for a change.

In May 2021, I decided to join Internet Profits – after talking with my friend James about it for over a year (I’m not a quick decision maker…).

It wasn’t one of these shiny-object-spur-of-the-moment decisions.

I’ve been doing affiliate marketing since 2018. I’m one of the “lucky” ones, who made some sales pretty much from the start.  The results I had helped me stay consistent and not give up, even during the tough moments – and there were plenty of these!

In January 2020, I hired my first mentor, Zach Crawford.  It was a game changer.  He helped me massively.  I began making more sales, more consistently.  More importantly, I learned to take strategic action, I gained confidence in myself and in my ability to make this work.  I learned a ton from him.  Having a 7 figure earner believe in me was very powerful!

So when I met James, in the spring of 2020, and he told me about Internet Profits, I had no desire to join.  I was happy with Zach’s Top Earner Transformation and wanted to stay focused on that. 

“So what happened, Sophie?” I hear you ask…

Well.. they say that to make a sale, you need to offer the right product, to the right person, at the right time…

James and I stayed in touch throughout 2020 and the start of 2021, sharing our journey and insights.  I appreciated his approach to affiliate marketing: he has absolute integrity.  He is building his business in a very similar way to me: with honesty and transparency, always focusing on helping people.

In the spring of 2021, I had come to the end of my year’s mentorship with Zach, and I felt I needed continued guidance.  I’d hit 4 figures in 2021, and my goal for 2021 is to become a 5-figure earner.  Mentorship is essential for growth and progress.  Seeing James’s inspirational work made me naturally turn to him, and Internet Profits, for this next bit of my journey.

So that’s how, and why, I joined!  I needed mentorship; I wanted to learn from someone who’s been online for a LONG time and has experience in building a profitable internet business.

So, now what?

I joined the company and decided, right away, to record my journey with Internet Profits by going live on YouTube once a week.

Every week, I share what I’ve learned and where I am at.  I’m recording all this in all transparency, sharing the ups and downs, the pros and cons, the laughs and the tears.

I will record my progress here too!

Just for the record:

My main motivation for joining Internet Profits was to join a team that would help me grow my business and scale to 5 figures this year.  I needed the mentorship and to be surrounded with other online entrepreneurs.

I was adamant that I would only promote this product if I found it valuable – just like I’ve always done with everything I promote.

As you will see in the live videos, I was instantly impressed with the high quality of the product.  This is why, when I got certified as a partner, and had access to affiliate links, I started to promote it.

Just to be clear, I have multiple sources of affiliate commissions.  Many of my earnings come from tools that I use, review and promote.  My experience in affiliate marketing does NOT come only from promoting courses that teach affiliate marketing.

Happy to have you on the journey with me!

So, that’s it for this first post!

If you want to follow my progress with this product, and see how it could help YOU build a profitable online business, click this link to watch video number 1 of my journey with Internet Profits.

See you in the next post… for week 2!

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