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Internet Profits – week 2: certification 🥳

It feels so good to get a certificate!

That’s what happened just 10 days after I’d bought Dean Holland’s Internet Profits course.

I got a certificate of achievement and became an official Internet Profits certified partner 😜


So – how did that happen?

Well, here’s the thing.  When you join Internet Profits as a partner, the first thing you go through is the certification.  This is a series of 8 modules that teach you the foundations of how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

At the end of each module, there is a quiz which you need to pass, in order to move on to the next module.  

Once you’ve gone through all the modules, there is another big quiz – a kind of exam, in a way.  You answer these questions, and if you get them all right… yay!  you are a certified partner!

When you’re an Internet Profits certified partner, you have access to affiliate links and you are allowed to promote the course.  There’s NO WAY to unlock this before you have certified.

Now what’s my verdict, nearly 2 weeks into the course?

I LOVE it!  

I loved going through the certification.  I loved that lessons would only unlock once I’d watched the whole video, and I loved that modules would only unlock after I passed the quiz.

You know why I loved it?  Because it kept it nice and simple!  I could only go in one direction: forwards!

In the past, when I bought courses, I often got lost… There was so much choice that I would click here and there and end up not going through the whole training.

With Internet Profits, if I wanted to become certified, there was no choice.  I just had to go through it and I made the most of the value packed lessons.

But the downside is…

…this is NOT for people who want a quick, “business in a box” kind of thing!  It takes time to go through the modules.  Not too much time, but some time nonetheless.

So I must tell you straight.  Don’t buy this if you’re not serious about building a real business.

Other than that –

I have nothing negative to say.  The training was really interesting.  I learned new things, even though I’m not a newbie.  Dean Holland is very clear in his teaching and I find his style engaging.

In fact, if you want to check out his style, just click here for some free training from him.

It was a pleasure all round!

I went live, to record my week 2 progress.  You can watch it here 👇

See you soon for week 3 news!



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