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Internet Profits – week 19: The Quick Start Challenge

Last week when I went live about Internet Profits, I shared information about The Quick Start Challenge.

From what I’ve understood, Internet Profits has had a quick start challenge for quite a few years… but this is a brand new version of it – and it comes with 6 weeks of coaching now!

Before I go into the details of what The Quick Start Challenge teaches, let me say that it’s ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to build an affiliate marketing business from scratch and doesn’t have a huge amount of money to invest.

You’ll learn how to set everything up, how to find products to promote, how to drive traffic to your offers… AND you’ll get 6 weeks of coaching to help you take action and not stay stuck if you hit any roadblocks.

In my live video, I shared my back office, and here’s what you’ll find in The Quick Start Challenge:

Once you’ve signed up, you get six days of training, each composed of several videos.  Each day unlocks after 24 hours.

  • Day 1 teaches you how to lay the foundations of your business – essential so that you get off to a good start!
  • Day 2 teaches you how to build your list – you might have heard that “the money’s in the list”… well, it’s true 😉
  • Day 3 teaches you the foundations of email marketing – once you start building your list, you need to know what to write to them, so as to build a good relationship with your customers.
  • Day 4 shows you how to get products that will make you money – once you have set things up and started building your list, you want to be making them offers that will help them… and make you money!
  • Day 5 is all about traffic – you need as many eyeballs on your offers as you can… if no one knows about you, no one will buy, right? 
  • Day 6 goes into how to scale your income – once you start making money, you want to know how to make more!

There are two more bonus videos – an extra 3 hours of training – after that.  I haven’t watched them yet, but they are all about how to grow your business and increase your income.

As I said, once you’ve gone through the 6 days of training, you have an additional 6 weeks of group coaching, where you can ask any questions you may have.  This, in my mind, is the most valuable bit of the quick start challenge.  It’s relatively “easy” to find the information you need to set your business up… but the real challenge is to then go and implement it, and go past the inevitable roadblocks that come up.  Having a coach to turn to is going to ensure that you don’t stay stuck, keep moving forward and get results.

As usual, Dean Holland gives his all in this training.  The videos are clear and not too long; the training is broken up in nice bite-sized chunks that make it easy to take action as you go along.  This training will teach you how to do affiliate marketing in any niche.  Really ideal if you’re a beginner and don’t know how to get started – or if you’ve started but got “lost” along the way.

=> this is the link to click if you want to find out more about The Quick Start Challenge.


Before I go… quick income update from me… I made another big sale and have now made a total of $2382.45 with Internet Profits 🙂

Want to watch it all live on YouTube? Here’s the video 👇


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